Being a self-hosted Laravel PHP framework, October CMS has gained immense popularity in recent years. Approximately 58K+ websites, including some of the most popular websites, are using October CMS, and more are being added now and then.

With its ease of development, PHP support, advanced security, and modern template engine, October CMS has become the most preferred platform among organizations worldwide. But what would an October CMS website be without a handful of the best October CMS plugins installed on it? October CMS plugins are the foundation of adding any new functionality to your website.

One of the main reasons…

Across the US, only 3.2% of senior leadership or C-suite positions are reserved by black people.

In terms of female representation at senior level, India is at third-lowest position as compared with other countries.

18.3% of the United States population is Hispanic, but roughly only 4% of companies have Hispanic executives on board.

Let’s sit with these numbers and think about what they mean. What we are trying to represent is how the corporate world lacks diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Talking about the tech industry, it is struggling significantly when it comes to diversity and inclusion. …

So, you’ve decided to outsource your software development needs. That is great! When it comes to developing software or web applications, nothing is more important than having the right set of resources working for you. Outsourcing has been a hot trend over the years. It has become an integral part of businesses to achieve their goals. Let’s take a look at some interesting statistics about outsourcing:

  • 70% of organizations believe that outsourcing is a cost-cutting tool for them. (Deloitte)
  • 24% of small businesses outsource a few of their operations to boost their efficiency. (Clutch)
  • Outsourcing creates huge employment across developing…


Frontend development standards and trends change faster than they are implemented. There are plenty of frameworks and libraries available when it comes to frontend development. This makes it difficult for the developers and businesses to choose the best one for their project. Moreover, the custom and dynamic requirements of businesses often require developers to be extremely agile when it comes to developing web applications.

When it comes to fulfilling the complex requirements of businesses expecting more interactive, sleek, and performance-driven applications, the React framework is an ideal choice. …

Multi-cloud flexibility

A lot of organizations that run on multi-cloud platforms can benefit from Kubernetes. Any kind of application can run on public or private clouds or a hybrid cloud. Using Kubernetes eliminates the vendor lock-in and helps you assign the tasks to the right cloud. Enterprises can get the best fit, and get access to migrate to make the maximum ROI from IT investments.

Faster time to market

Kubernetes helps your IT teams to break into smaller fragments so that they can focus on single and specific microservices to become more Agile. APIs between such microservices can be an…

Building a WooCommerce mobile app from scratch is an expensive affair. Most of the developers charge thousands of dollars for building a native app. With AddWeb Shop, you can go to the market in less than two weeks.

Match the existing design of your website

If you are looking for the same design and theme as your existing eCommerce store, AddWeb Shop can help. Convert your WooCommerce store to a mobile app and provide the same look and feel for a consistent user experience across the website and app.

Increase your sales

AddWeb Shop helps you build future-ready and user-friendly…

With the growing competition in the eCommerce industry, business owners look for innovative methods to expand their business. Mobile eCommerce apps offer a chance to run your business in a convenient way.

1. Users prefer mobile apps

Look at your own habits. What do you do when you need to buy something online? Do you go to a browser and type the URL of an eCommerce website or do you go to the app directly and make a purchase? …

Backup and Disaster Recovery

One of the major reasons why startups and small businesses should choose us for managed hosting is getting uninterrupted service. Our experts work while you rest. Any kind of issue that may arise can be handled on the backend. Network protection, automated backup solutions, network protection, and other server configurations help to remove the stress from making your business run smoothly.

Flexibility & Scalability

Being a startup, you may need to scale up by implementing enterprise WordPress managed hosting to help you to scale and plan effectively. You will be able to enjoy a hassle-free upgrade of server resources with hosting solutions. You…

Today, when the customers do everything on their mobile devices, it is important that for businesses to provide a great mobile experience to their users. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) help brands improve their online presence and provide the right tools to engage the audience. Progressive Web Applications can be opened by users in web browsers and offer a native-like mobile experience with a variety of features such as:

  • Access application offline
  • Installing the app on the mobile home screen
  • Push notifications

As progressive web applications provide a great experience to mobile users, they have a UX optimized for mobile devices…

Dart Language

Being a clean and extremely powerful syntax, Dart facilitates strong architecture and design. It also ensures standardization, consistency, ease of maintenance, long life, and features that may be missing in several existing cross-platform tools. Dart language is similar to other popular languages such as Java, C, and TypeScript. Hence, it becomes easy for experienced developers to get started with Dart for building feature-rich apps.

Widespread adoption by developers

Flutter has achieved greater popularity on both StackOverflow and GitHub as compared to React Native. We can expect this technology to mature faster than React Native. All you need to do is hire Flutter app developers…

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